Rifle is individual sniper arm and intended for hitting manpower equipped in personal protective equipment, enemy fire resources, disposed outside shelters I open trenches and behind natural ground folds, as well as air and ground armored targets with armored protection thickness:

  • 11 mm 500 Brinell hardness armor plate steel at range up to 800 meters;
  • 8 mm 500 Brinell hardness armor plate steel  at range up to 1000 meters.

Rifle is a manual mobile general-purpose weapon with targets (both ground and air) damaging range up to 2000 meters

Rifle cartridges of 300 WSM caliber of all modifications, as well as special sniper armor-piercing cartridges BC of new generation are used for rifle shooting.

Rifle shooting is carried out along flat trajectory by single-round firing. Ammunition is fed from box magazine with capacity for 5 or 10 cartridges.

Basic design data of a rifle

Rifle weight with a backsight (without ammunition and magazine) 6.2 kg
Magazine weight 0.08- 0.09 kg
Magazine capacity 5 – 10 cartridges
Sighting range  (depends on backsight) 2000 m
Cyclic rate of fire 20 rounds per min.
Barrel length (mm) 640
Barrel hardness 46 HRC
Rifling lead type splined semi-rifled
Rifling pitch (mm) 240
Initial bullet flying velocity (m/s) 900
Rifle dimensions with optical sight

(length, height, width) (mm)

When using cartridge with bullet of НРВТ type with weight 13.5 g

1250 x 240 x 78
Flat trajectory range (Х) against 0.5 m high breast figure target 470 m
Flat trajectory range (Х) against 1.7 m high figure target 750 m
Grouping pattern of a rifle R100 at 300 meters range. Not exceeding

1.2 cm

Rifle was designed to use powerful armourpiercing ammunition of new generation  .300WSM




Caliber 300 WSM
Bullet weight (mп) 13.5 g
Weight of armour-piercing core with accelerator (mсу) 10.2 g
Bullet ballistic ratio (С) 5.0 m2/kg
Bullet initial velocity from 640 mm length barrel (V0) 900 m/s
Killing range (Х) against enemy manpower without personal protective equipment the bullet will keep up to 4500 meters
Charging cavity volume in a cartridge (W0) 0.005 dm3
Powder charge weight (ω) 4.5 g
Max crush pressure in a barrel not exceeding 3500 kgf/cm2
Cartridge weight 26.08 g
Grouping capability from 640 mm long barrel

at range 300 m

R100 not exceeding 1.2 cm
Flat trajectory range (Х) against 0.5 m high figure target 470 meters
Flat trajectory range (Х) against 1.7 m high figure target 750 meters
Weapon wear-resisting properties in single round fire mode At least 9000 rounds till decrease of initial velocity at 10%
Bullet armor-piercing effect At least 90% piercings out of a number of record hits from weapon with barrel length not less than 640 mm against  20+0,5mm thick armor plates having hardness not less than 500 HB and set at 900 angle to horizon, at range 200 m.

Stiletto Sniper Rifle STL-016Stiletto Sniper Rifle STL-016
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